The Number One Reason to Make Something

Sometimes when I am especially good, I am blessed with an opportunity to make something for someone else. Maybe you have had the same opportunity. This week I made a podcast for iTunes. The recording wasn’t perfect, but I’ll learn how to make more adjustments in post production.

Working on it is what gave me a thrill. The learning while doing. The energy behind the producing. The knowing what I wanted and believing I could have it is a fantastic high! Try it. Here’s the secret: Be completely present in the moment of the making. Let me know how it goes for you.

Below are the details of my podcasting experience. Read on if you like techy stuff the way I do. Leave me a comment and let me know I am not alone:

Break open the champagne. I just got our first podcast built and uploaded to the iTunes store. This was my first time doing this and I couldn’t wait. After recording Marjory and I talking about creating our first podcast and basically introducing our concept to the world (my Samsung Galaxy SII) I had to figure out my video/audio software Adobe Premier Pro. Thanks Youtube tutorials.Then I had to learn how to add music to open and close the show (podcast), “What’d ‘U Want & How’d ‘U Get It?”. I am sure we will change the music, but I just wanted to figure out how to find a free clip I liked and add it. I’ll never forget Ira Glass’s behind the scenes episode on “This American Life”. I had pretty much given up on my dream of doing a show like his. I was leaning toward a female version of Anthony Bordain’s “No Reservations” (so many boys in his show). When Marjory approached me with her idea for a podcast I felt my old dream waking up. With the audio in project mode, I had to figure out how to adjust the volume.Marjory projects and sound like I’m under water. And I wanted the music to fade in and fade out. The piece I found reminds me of the music used by stand up comics like Kat Williams. Funky groove. Too cool for two middle-aged chicks, one Black-ish and the other Jewish-<i>ish</i> who live in the neighborhoods they grew up in. Head bobbing to the beat, I then I had to write an xml document to submit the podcast to iTunes. Uploading an audio file to Spreaker and Sound Cloud is one thing. Working with iTunes is a whole other story. Naturally I had to troubleshoot my xml. Thanks FB coding community and internet forums. The code derived from premier was nearly all bloat. Eventually I had to wiggle the the pubDate just to get the syntax god to agree. Finally, finally I submitted to iTunes once I got the cover art hosted on a server they could work with. Ugh! with a BIG SMILE.


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