My Favorite Kind of Dinner Theater and Impromptu Dinner Company

Last night was typical. Four girls and I all in the kitchen making something wonderful together. I was on meats, Maddy on salad and eggs, River had the brownies, Summer was cleaning up to give us space to work in and Autumn was supervising. We had gotten in as early as we could – 9:00. As much as we say we don’t want to eat that late, we often eat that late. At least when we eat that late we can eat light and we can eat well.

Who actually does what and when is a blur. You should see us. Years of living with each other has created a dance we don’t even need to practice. We just get to it. A pot for water to boil for eggs. Fire on, eggs in and they’re out only when they are perfect thanks to Maddy who was also chopping peepers into long slivers the way I like them along with cucumbers and scallions. She washed two or three kinds of lettuce. I got to work pan searing the salmon steaks and grilling boneless chicken breast. Our plan was to top salad with eggs, or chicken or salmon or all three if you desire along with feta cheese. We had two kinds of dressing: vinaigrette that Maddy whipped together and a creamy poppy seed I asked the store to order a case of for me once when their shelves had emptied. River was making brownies for a friend’s birthday. Autumn had done the same when she was in high school only her specialty was cake.  Chicken splashed with Moroccan spices, Jamaican allspice and thyme. Salmon sprinkled with sesame seeds (next time I’ll toast them).  We ate in front of the tube watching the movie “Punch Drunk Love”. A movie with a food item in the title. Adam Sandler who we love and Emily Watson who we adore. A love story. A perfect end to the day.


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2 Responses to My Favorite Kind of Dinner Theater and Impromptu Dinner Company

  1. Maddy Rain says:

    : ) beautiful

  2. Auna says:

    let’s do this again..

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