Coffee Choclate Chip Cookies Memory

Coffee Chocolate Chip cookies from The Commissary

What I remember is how happy they made me. How can so much happiness be derived from a cookie? I don’t know how this was accomplished, but repeatedly I had a cookie-delight experience matched by none other. I think they were coffee-flavored cookies with chocolate chips. They were thin and aromatic and simple and deliverers of happiness. The chocolate chip cookies I made yesterday are similar. They are thin and crisp and made with butter and good vanilla. The difference is perhaps in the chips. I used toll house chips and The Commissary restaurant, the food educator of my youth where I worked and hung out at 17th and Sansom St. in Philadelphia in the early 80’s, may have used a better chocolate. I have a bag of semi-sweet Ghirardelli chips at home. My next batch of chocolate chips will be made with those. Theoretically, I’m not supposed to eat chocolate chips because they contain caffeine and caffeine agitates my milk ducts and lead to infection. My doctors will not confirm that caffeine is the culprit, but there comes a time when you find pain resulting from cups of coffee and no pain resulting from no cups of coffee and all other things remaining the same that you can say that yes, caffeine is not my friend. So I don’t eat much chocolate and I stay away from coffee. So all the more dramatic is my memory of the coffee chocolate chip cookies that induced a giddy high. This was before coffee beans were dipped in chocolate and offered for sale on city streets.  The most extreme coffee/chocolate combination we relished were mocha java ice cream flavors, coffee and chocolate mixed hot drinks and these extraordinary coffee chocolate chip cookies from The Commissary. I’d forgotten all about them until this very morning so many years later, arriving at my desk for work, happy to have discovered a napkin containing with two of my very own homemade chocolate chip cookies that I’d stuffed into my coat pocket on the way out. Breakfast.


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