The CookBook: First Invitation

Today I finally took the time to hammer out an invitation and send hat invitation out to my friends who may want to participate in my new cookbook. I agonized for a time over how I would get 50 friends who all were turning 50 to send me a recipe.  The months tumbled by and I hadn’t shared the invitation with anyone because one thing or another would get me hesitate. What would they think of this idea? What if it’s already being done? DO I have to get 50 friends? Do I have 50 friends who are all 50? And then I relaxed and without unconsciously became aware of the advice I was given so many years ago: Don’t get it right, get it written. I don’t know where I first heard it. A check with Wikipedia says it was the author James Thurber. The cook book is a good idea and I have enough materials of my own should not one friend participate. Actually (and I hear that word is on the NPR most hated words list) I know I have two friends who would participate because they already told me they would.  They are the two friends I fixed Thanksgiving dinner with in 2009. They loved the idea and all turned 50 this year. So even if there are only three of us telling stories and submitting recipes that will be ok, but the more the merrier, I think because I’d love to get some really different stories and really different foods yet a common culture and place and time. I made a determination to continue this blog only once I really got going with the book.  Really got going means that I took a step beyond the incubation space where I do most of my writing. It’s when big stuff hits more paper albeit virtual paper in the virtual space which is really not virtual now that Chris Huhges has proclaimed that the virtual world and the real world are in the same world and that one is no less important than the other.  Chris would say that, after all he’s made a life out of virtual life. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out Chris yet take a look at Jumo his new social network for people who care about making the world better.


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