Krista Nelson

Krista Nelson: The Day I Started Blogging

First you spend sometime poking around to see if you can figure it out on your own and then when you finally give up and give in to the Help button, you find a great little fix that DOESN’T EXIST. So out of a little superstition and a belief that there are no accidents I’ll keep my RistakayKrista title and use it to tell you a little more about me.

RistakayKrista is the name my brother gave me when we were kids. Dad called me Shorty.  Mom called me Lamb Chop. One sister called me by both my first and middle name as if it was my first and last name and the other called me Golden Legs which made me laugh and mess up while we played the game of double-dutch.  “Look at hose Golden Legs,” she would say over and over until I laughed my way to a missed step off the beat and in to a tangle of rope that signaled the complete and utter end of my turn. Her turn was next. Of course.

When I finally decided to start blogging I didn’t want to feel tense and tried to think of words that reminded me of something fun. My brother and I had fun with words.  We would stare at each other and murmer “buh-ka-buh, buh-ka-buh” over and over. Okay those aren’t real words.  We had fun with sounds. And RistakayKrista makes a crackling, swishing sound as it leave the mouth. It reminds me of my childhood when it was easier to take risks because everything was new so everything was a risk and laughter and play were expected. Now that I am many years from childhood I take advantage of any opportunity to rub back up against the good parts of it and borrow a mood, a feeling a perspective that works for me now. The RistakayKrista blog is my coming out…the creation of a public door to my personal thoughts. No tension or pressure just fun. Just blurting things out and taking a chance on how the sounds and the words hang in the air, slip toward the ear and rest in the mind of an other.  Hang in the air? Slip toward the ear? Um…I mean rise off the page and take shape someplace else in the mind of an other.


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