Krista Nelson

Krista Nelson
Krista Nelson: The Day I Started Blogging

I was so happy to get the skinny, (soft, the word ‘skinny’ is a clue to what’s really on my mind here.. stay tuned for future posts) on the new thing called blogging. Must have been sometime around 1998 and we were in San Francisco, emerging technology conference , O’Reilly, of course.  The stars were there; young boys and girls who wrote the code, developed the app, made it all happen. The fat-cat users were there; journalists, techno experts, authors and famous web heads and their venture capitalists who weren’t nearly as much fun as the young boys talking about tin can servers and telephones we don’t have to pay service fees for. I was so happy to be in the swirl of the language and the toys and the graphics and the click, click, clicking keyboards and look at me now…finally….it only took me just a little over 10 years to start my own blog.

And what I really want to know is why are the kids ok with the online publishing of consonant-only words while I have to worry about typos and misspelled words here.  I get the impression that blogging is fast and frequent. Blog every day.  Blog throughout the day. Blog now and blog again later and it’s longer than a tweet and more interesting that a fb status and easier on the eyes and fingers than a text and you get to talk to a bigger crowd and what else do I need to know? Oh yea, so back to the part about being fast and frequent.  So is it slow enough for editing? Or are bloggers just damn good spellers and grammar-good-enoughs on the fly? I’d like to know.

I’ve done some research. I have found my shining example in Uppercase Woman, Cecily Kellogg who is nothing less than awesome. She has the right idea and showed me the light, because yes the problem was that the reason why I was stumbling around in the dark all those 10-plus years is because I was trying to figure out if I could actually say what I wanted to say in this space or did  I have to conform to something other than my true voice… check out Cecily Kellogg and you will understand why she is my blogging hero.  I met Cecily at the  Social Media Plus Web.20 Business Summit which was, to use a Guy Kawasaki term, (Guy Kawasaki is another personal hero),   fire hose of social media marketing technique, discussion, idea exchange and guidance.

I spent years wondering if I could speak in my blog. Maybe you did too. I thought that blogging was for something specific and it was, at first, and it was for something else after that, and later there were many kinds of blogs and many different voices and not all of them worth reading and some of them outstanding and all of it has always been according to the reader…beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that…so while I kept looking for blogs that looked like, read like the blog I wanted to keep, time passed.  So what did I learn? I learned what Guy said in one of his social media conference keynotes, don’t wait around planning a strategy, just get involved and make something happen.  he didn’t say it just like that.  He said it better than that. I can say it better than that too: Here’s my blog. It’s the conversation I have in my head..only now it’s on the page. I hope you enjoy the reading.


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